Laminated Basses

Laminated or plywood basses have been around forever, it seems. Why is that? It’s not only about cost; it’s also about use. Laminated basses are not subject to the vagaries of changes in temperature and humdity because the material is more stable, not prone to cracking. Laminated basses are also more durable in schools, where multiple players handle the same bass during the course of a day.

Some of the most famous old-school names in bass were pretty much exclusively laminated, like Kay and American Standard. All the old German and Czech makers had laminated models. And all these basses are still going strong five, six, seven decades later.

We make Lemur’s All-Pro Set-Up on every bass that leaves our Shop so you will ALWAYS have maximum play-ability. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Lemur accepts School and Military Purchase Orders and Bid Requests. Please inquire. We ship basses to all 50 states and 25 countries worldwide.

We import Solana™ with many special features that clearly make it a cut above the rest: a good quality ebony fingerboard, fine-grained spruce veneer on the top, and German made tuning machines.

And don’t forget about sound – Lemur Music doesn’t carry any basses that sound like cardboard boxes! This bass is good for high schools, churches, bluegrass, rockabilly, and beginning students of all ages who want a good sounding, highly durable, laminated bass.

Bow, tax and delivery are not included unless specifically quoted.

Please inquire about our door-to-door shipping rates. We deliver to all 50 states, as well as selected international destinations.

Photo and Setup Considerations — It is our intention to setup each instrument according to the wishes of the buyer. We offer a wide range of string choices and we customize for action height, bridge adjusters, and other features. Because each instrument is made of wood and finished by hand, the wood color, finish, grain, knots and other characteristics can vary from the picture. In order to achieve the best fit, parts selected for each bass may also vary. We use high quality, durable parts on all our bass setups – however the exact style, ornamentation, and appearance may vary. For example, the exact style, ornamentation, and appearance of tuning machines may vary from the picture. The same is true for the bridge, tailpiece and soundpost. Thank you for your flexibility.

** Shipping cost for basses is calculated separately. Please email to get a shipping quote.