About Us


Dedicated to Helping Talented Musicians Around the World

At lemur music in San Clemente, California, we specialize in offering unique double bass instruments. For more than 50 years, we have helped various individuals start their careers with our products and eventually become professional musicians.

The Story Behind the Name

Most of the time, people ask, “Where did the name, lemur music, come from?” It is a short, sweet story. In 1964, Leah and Murray Grodner started lemur music to supply bass students at Indiana University. When Murray retired in 1995, Toni and Jerry Buffa bought the business. The name was kept; lemur is known worldwide for the highest quality customer service and best bass products.

Matches Our Humor

We also kept the name because it appealed to our sense of humor. The jokes we referred to are, “You know, the lemur is the lowest form of primate, so it’s just natural he plays Bass, The Lowest Form of Music,” or “We’ve Got Friends in Low Places.”

Why Choose Us

Our team is here to help you keep playing bass and support your gigs, studies, and musical passion. Whether you live close by or on the other side of the world, we will go above and beyond to help you become a professional double bass musician.


Store Location

Our flagship store is located in the historic Ole Hanson Beach District. Here we have our showroom, internet catalog services, and repair shop.

Reach Out Today

For more information about our music studio, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.