La Bella Gut Core Bass Strings

La Bella GUT CORE bass strings set the industry standard and are preferred by for Rockabilly, Slap, Bluegrass, or Country Western players worldwide. The top two strings are best used as plain gut, with no wrap at all. The bottom two strings are quite large and need a silver jacket to keep them tuned to pitch. Plan on having these beauties for a long time – with proper care they can last for years.

GOLDEN TONE is La Bella’s answer to easy care for gut core strings. The top two strings are wound in a smooth nylon jacket. For extended play over the years, Golden Tone is a much-preferred alternative to plain gut. We can easily special order Golden Tone 3rd and 4th strings when they are your personal preference. About Gut Core strings: Please take special care to resize the nut and bridge slots if you are changing brands or changing from metal to gut strings. The extra size of gut strings requires a larger (than metal) slot to prevent binding and breakage. Also, do keep in mind that gut strings will stretch 3-5 inches over the first two weeks, so leave plenty of time to ‘stretch them into tune.’

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