Evah Pirazzi Bass String Medium, Weich, Solo, Slap

Evah Pirazzi Bass Strings – Flexible, Synthetic Core Material

Evah Pirazzi bass strings offer outstanding tuning stability, a very short playing-in-time, and a strong resistance to rolling. With a synthetic core, Evah’s are similar to the Obligato bass strings in one very important way: both Evah Pirazzi and Obligato Bass are resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. All strings are wound with chrome steel and smoothly polished for a very nice feel in the hand.

Evah Pirazzi Bass is a hybrid set, suitable for both Arco and Pizzicato playing. First and foremost the bow response is excellent. When playing pizzicato the long sustain is most noticeable and appreciated in a jazz application. The powerful, warm, rounded sound of Evah has an accentuated low-frequency range, exceptional resonance, with a noticeably better sustain. The response time is quick – allowing for easy left and right hand articulation. Due to the phenomenal projection of the Evah Pirazzi bass strings, the beautiful richness of colors and nuances can be heard even in big concert halls. The development of these bass strings was aimed at producing a sound that is as close to gut strings as possible.

The following choices are available:

Evah Pirazzi MEDIUM (tunes to G,D,A,E) Orchestra Tuning, with High C, Extension 4th, 5th string low B

Evah Pirazzi WEICH (Lighter Gauge) (tunes to G,D,A,E) OrchestraTuning, with Extension 4th, 5th string low B. Due to the reduced string tension the playability is very easy. It has a pronounced core sound and compared to the “Standard” orchestra set the sound is brighter with more growl and more sustain.

Evah Pirazzi SOLO TUNING (tunes to A,E,B,F#) Extra-Thin Gauge, with Extension 4th, 5th string low B

Evah Pirazzi GOLD (SLAP) (tunes to A,E,B,F#) Lower tension, Extra Flexible, Medium Gauge strings. Evah Gold comes in two versions: A2560–ALL Synthetic Core; A2710-Plain Gut G&D with Silver wrapped Synthetic core A&E.

Pirastro’s color code at the tailpiece end is a black spiral on bright green silk. See our individual strings for more complete color coding.