Helicore Bass HYBRID Light Tension Strings

New Improved D’Addario Helicore Bass Strings are Now available in all three brands, Arco, Pizzicato, and Hybrid. Orchestra players, jazz pros, students, and their teachers like the even tone across all four strings, as well as the easy ‘start’ that are the hallmarks of Helicore Bass.

Helicore Hybrid has also been improved by removing the damping layer to allow much greater volume and sustain while the arco response has been warmed up by changing the core wire. Color wrap in the tailpiece is green with a golden spiral. Again, we are most pleased that the original formula Hybrid Bass String has been improved.

Helicore Light Gauge Bass Strings are suitable for lighter weight double basses with more delicate top plates that just do not need higher tension strings. They’re also a good choice for players with hands that are just not as strong. A solid gold band at the end of the color silk denotes Light Tension.