Corelli 380 & 390 Nickel Steel Bass Strings

Corelli Bass 380 Series are bass strings with a nickel wrap in orchestra tuning. They are thicker than the 370 Series strings making them some of Corelli’s more “usual” upright bass strings. 380 Series comes in:

  • 380 Medium Remember, in Corelli Speak this is a lower tension string.
  • 380 ForteTX, the higher tension Corelli string. In orchestra tuning G-D-A-E.
  • 380 TX is suggested for acoustic jazz work where maximum acoustic output is required. They have a strong sound and a richer tone.

Corelli Bass 390 Series solo tuning bass strings are made with a nickel wrap for solo tuning. They too, are thicker than the 370 Series strings, and make an easy to play and well-priced alternative for solo tuning needs of smaller hands, or for players who want an easier to play bass string. In solo tuning A-E-B-F#.