Obligato Bass Strings - Orch, Solo, & 5ths Tuning

Obligato Bass Strings Medium, Weich, and 5ths Tuning

Obligato bass strings offer outstanding tuning stability with a very short playing-in-time. With a nylon core, Obligato bass is similar to the Evah Pirazzi bass strings in one very important way: both Evah Pirazzi and Obligato Bass are resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. All strings are wound with chrome steel and smoothly polished for a very nice feel in the hand.

Obligato Bass is a hybrid set, suitable for both Arco and Pizzicato playing. First and foremost the pizzicato response is excellent. When playing pizzicato the long sustain is most noticeable and appreciated in a jazz application. Under the bow, Obligato is smooth and even across all four strings.

The growly pizzicato sound of Obigato has an accentuated low-frequency range with a noticeably better sustain than the older Jazzer (Wondertone) strings. The response time is quick – allowing for easy left and right hand articulation. The development of these bass strings was aimed at producing a sound that is as close to gut strings as possible.

The following choices are available in Obligato Bass:

Obligato Orchestra (tunes to G,D,A,E) Medium Gauge, with High C, Extension 4th, 5th string low B

Obligato Solo (tunes to A,E,B,F#) Extra-Thin Gauge.

Obligato Fifths Tuning Set (tunes to A,D,G,C).

Pirastro’s color code at the tailpiece end is a black spiral on bright red silk. See our individual strings for more complete color coding.