La Bella Metal Core Bass Strings

La Bella’s PROFESSIONAL SERIES Metal Core bass strings include sets 7710Light, 7720Medium, and 7720Solo. Recommended for classical music, these strings have an exceptional bow response. With an even tonal balance string-to-string, and a great sustaining sonority, they also work well for all electric upright basses. Light and Medium Tension are Chromesteel flat wound on a metal rope core. Solo Tuning sets are Nickel wound on a metal rope core.

VIRTUOSO SERIES 7780 Bass sets were designed for orchestral players. They feature a long-lasting nickel wrap on a woven metal cable that is more flexible, has more sustain, and is highly responsive to the bow.

Twenty years ago, La Bella worked with both Attila Zoller and Ron Carter on the BLACK NYLON TAPE (7710) bass string set. Obtaining the tone of gut with the sustain of metal, this string design is great for jazz pizzicato solos. They are available for both Ampeg Baby Bass and Azola Upright Electric Bass.

ELITE SERIES bass strings are superior sets for a budget price. These chrome steel flat wound strings are fine for both arco and pizzicato play. Set RC-610 has a rope core; Set 610 has a solid metal core.

We added Uncle Bob’s favorite (bass guitar) set here too. You can get the TRIPLE PLAY THREE-PACK for a steal – just $39.99 for three of your favorites: Slappers, Super Steps, and Hard Rockin’ Steel. Hey, Crossover can work both ways, folks.