La Bella PRO Series 7720 Light – SET ONLY


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La Bella Professional Series Metal Set Light or Medium Tension
7720 METAL = CHROME STEEL FLAT WOUND ROPE CORE (Currently sold in sets only)

Recommended for Classical Music, these strings have an exceptional bow response. With an even tonal balance string-to-string, and a great sustaining sonority, they also work well for all electric upright basses. Available in Light or Medium Tension.

G-7721 Rope Core Chrome Steel Wound
D-7722 Rope Core Chrome Steel Wound
A-7723 Rope Core Chrome Steel Wound
E- 7724 Rope Core Chrome Steel Wound

Additional Strings available on special order:
7725 Fifth String High C Light or Medium Tension

7726 Extension 4th string E Light or Medium Tension