Rotosound Double Bass Strings

Rotosound Music Strings – designed by acoustic engineers for you, the discerning musician.

Rotosound 4000 Double Bass Strings are a great set for Jazz and Rockabilly styles of playing. The G and D strings are nylon on a nylon core. The A and E are monel flatwound on a nylon core. Super flexible and easy to play in all positions.

The history of this world famous brand started out in the late 1950’s when James How, a musician and engineer by trade started manufacturing music strings for many famous artists across the world. Still a family run business, all Rotosound Music Strings are manufactured in England and are subject to finite quality control. Even the machines that manufacture these strings are designed and built within the company’s R&R department, exclusively for Rotosound strings only. Rotosound Music strings have unrivaled tone, sustain, and harmonics, which will bring out the best in any instrument.