Lemur Music Laminated Bass Jupiter ASD 7/8 Size


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Jupiter™ Bass was designed by Lemur with one purpose in mind: to create the loudest, punchiest, Most Affordable bass ever. The shape started with classic American lines – gamba corners with the back bending forward to make the body thickness at the heel of the neck only 6 inches. The neck is slender and easy to handle. We also designed the string length to be only 41 5/8 inches, a comfortable relief from other big-sounding basses with string lengths over 43 inches. After that, the smallness ends. The bridge is tall to create leverage over the sound board. The upper and lower bouts were enlarged to maximize the volume, depth, and projection of the sound. And what a sound it is!! Enough to be on a Bluegrass stage with nothing but a mic. Enough to play trio club gigs without an amp.