Belcanto Bass Orchestra & Solo Tuning

Belcanto Bass strings are specially formulated for bowing. Thomastik-Infeld Belcanto Bass is an all steel string made to very tight specifications with excellent quality control. Arco Bass Players enjoy bowing Belcanto Bass because of their easy start, strong projection, and clarity of tone. From the makers of Spirocore Bass, Belcanto is available in Orchestra Tuning (G-D-A-E), and in Solo Tuning (A-E-B-F#). Lemur Bass Music stocks all the extension fourth strings, and 5th strings in each Belcanto Bass String Brand. Made in Austria.

Belcanto Bass is made with a specially twisted steel rope core that’s known to settle in quickly, so you get the bowing response you need right away with little wait time while the strings ‘settle down.’ They are known for their even response and exceptional tuning stability. Belcanto bass strings produce a dark, warm tone that is complex and easy to blend into the section. Like their pizzicato cousins, Spirocore Bass, Belcanto Bass has good projection, so there is less need to overplay just to be heard.
Some of our jazz bass player clients have told us they like Belcanto for pizzicato jazz work, too. They say that there is enough sustain, quick response, and strong projection to make Belcanto work well as a hybrid bass string also. Lemur’s Luthiers like the way Belcanto brings out the more complex tones of your bass when we are making set-ups. Even entry level basses sound and play their best with Belcanto Bass.
Thanks, Thomastik-Infeld. We really enjoy playing your first class upright bass strings.

Comments about Belcanto Bass Strings:

– Orchestra Tuning Sets Tune to G-D-A-E.
– Available in Orchestra Tuning Extension fourth string sets.
– Solo Tuning Sets Tune to A-E-B-F#.
– Available 5th string Tunes to Low B.

– Specially twisted steel rope core for added flexibility.
– Settle-in quickly, no need to wait for them to stretch.
– Intonate extremely well under the bow.
– Exceptional tuning stability to maintain their center of pitch.

– Dark and warm with excellent resonance.
– Wide range of tone colors for complexity.
– Easy to blend with others in the section. – Pizzicato is open and free.

– Outstanding projection with moderate effort on the part of the bass player.
– Sustains better than most other arco string brands.

– Quick response to the bow with medium bowing pressure required.
– Available in Orchestra Tuning, Solo Tuning, extension fourth string, and a 5th string Low B.
– Soft and flexible under your fingers.
– Hybrid Bass String capability as a bonus.