Vol 3 The II/V/I Progression


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Probably the most important musical sequence in modern jazz! A must for all aspiring jazz players. Book contains all the needed scales and chords to each of the recorded tracks.
Contains 120 written patterns that can be played with the various tracks on the recording, also includes three full pages of piano voicings that correspond to the tracks on the recording. Booklet contains a Scale Syllabus which allows you to find and use various substitute scales, just like professional musicians use. If you have been working on scales and chords, this book and recording set should be what you are looking for. A new concept in learning and applying basic jazz harmony. Allows you tracks to practice major, minor, dom. 7th, diminished, whole tone, half-diminished, Lydian and dim. whole tone scales and chords.

Concert Key Chord/ Scale Progressions
Bb Instrument Chord/ Scale Progressions
Eb Instrument Chord/ Scale Progressions
Bass Clef Instrument Chord/ Scale Progressions
Patterns and Exercises Introduction
Concert Key Patterns and Exercises
Bb Instruments Patterns and Exercises
Eb Instruments Patterns and Exercises
Bass Clef Patterns and Exercises
Piano Voicings