Orin O’Brien Double Bass Notebook




The reason this Notebook was created is that when I began to teach, my students needed to have various lists of repertoire, technical exercises, some often-played solos with standard bowings, articles relevant to musical/professional life, and the like. These separate pages I handed out, one by one, at the beginning of each student’s first year of study. After one or two years, the pages would be creased and folded, placed into other folders/books of music – or lost. I decided to make a notebook, spiral bound, easy to put on a music stand, and more difficult to misplace.

The result was a compendium of material I found to be helpful. When my students showed it to their friends and other teachers, I began to receive requests for copies. Each year I found that 30 to 40 copies were needed to supply the growing interest.

Thank you to all my colleagues and my students for all your suggestions, encouragement, and help (including putting hand-copied music into printed format) and heartfelt thanks to many wonderful musicians/bassists … Orin O’Brien 2012