Pop’s Bass Rosin, Double Bass Rosin for Bowing



Fresh bass rosin is a necessary Performance Accessory for Arco Bass Play

Pop’s Double Bass Rosin, Lemur Music A1227.

Pop’s Bass Rosin is ultra-soft and sticky.

  • Color is a light, golden amber.
  • Made in USA, in Houston, Texas.
  • Season for use is colder temperatures for this ultra-soft rosin. HOWEVER, Pop’s Bass Rosin is the number one best selling rosin because it is so soft. Many bass players use it year round because of the improved grip it delivers. Take care to clean the bass often as this rosin dries very messy on the instrument top. Use care when storing the bow, since the bow hair will retain this rosin for a long time. Storage of the bow case in heat can result in the bow hair becoming a large glob that requires ‘washing’.
  • A little bit of Pop’s goes a long way so many players find the cake lasts a long time. However, Pop’s Rosin dries out quickly in its cup. In order to keep fresh rosin, many players find they replace the cake before it’s entirely used up.
  • Other names for this double bass rosin are Pop’s Bass Rosin, Pop’s arco bowing rosin, Pop’s bass bow rosin, Pop’s orchestra bass rosin, Red Box Rosin, and just plain Pops, kolophonium (in Germany), or colophonium (in France.)
  • Pop’s is packaged in a soft wax paper cup that’s stored in its signature Red Plastic Flip-Top Container.
  • Endorsed by teachers, students, and orchestra professionals worldwide.

How to use Pop’s Bass Rosin

A cake of Pop’s Bass Rosin is poured into a paper cup and stored in its plastic holder. Pop’s will flow at room temperature, so always leave the paper cup in the plastic container. Fold a corner of the paper cup down to get at the rosin and …

Draw the bow across the surface of the cake with long downward strokes. The bow hair should be tensioned. Do not “scrub” the hair back and forth across the cake, which can damage bow hair. Draw the bow across the cake three or four times to apply the rosin.

Remember, new bow hair will absorb a surprisingly large amount of rosin. The first time application of rosin will take much more effort than subsequent applications. During extended periods of play, re-application of rosin may be necessary.

The purpose of bass bow rosin is to increase traction of bow hair on the string. The choice of how much rosin is needed to get a good grip is very much a players preference, but keep in mind that too much rosin will slow the bow stroke and dampen tone. Too little rosin will result in the bow ‘sliding’ too much to properly start (and control) the string’s vibration.

Softer rosin goes on more quickly than harder rosin. Softer rosin builds up more quickly also, so take care not to over apply. Warmer weather and higher humidity make harder rosin easier to apply. Hard rosin does not produce as much dry rosin debris, nor does it gum up the bow hair as quickly as softer rosin.

Store rosin in a cool, dark place so it does not get runny and lose its shape. Use the container it comes in. Rosins packaged in cloth wraps must be kept cool, or they will run. Foil containers, cardboard or plastic tubs offer the most protection for retaining the rosin’s form. Do not store rosin in a hot car, on a windowsill, or near other heat sources.

After play, allow rosin to dry in the bow hair, then tap the hair gently to shake the ‘dust’ out of the bow hair. Wipe the hair-side of the stick with a soft cloth to eliminate rosin build-up on the wood. Ditto, wipe the frog down after play. The oils and perspiration on hands can discolor the frog, wire wrapping, and especially pearl or shell trim.