Pirastro Perpetual Bass String Set of four (G-D-A-E)



Pirastro Perpetual Bass Strings, Pizzicato Bass String Sets and Singles

  • Chrome steel outer wrap is wound on very flexible high-tensile steel rope core.
  • Tremendous Volume from steel core.
  • Excellent Clarity in both Bass Fundamental and Mid-to-Upper Registers.
  • Effortless Left-Hand Feel in both Pizzicato and Arco Play. With their effortless left hand feel & astonishingly quick bow response, Perpetual allows the player to practice for longer periods of time with little fatigue.
  • Highly articulate, super easy bow start.
  • Breaks in quickly with excellent stability. Does not “roll” like Obligato (a synthetic core bass string)
  • A powerful and focused low end gives way to a full, sophisticated upper register.
  • Extremely energetic with very little effort and juicy right hand feel when played pizzicato.

Also Available: Extension 4th String (E2.10m); 5th String Low B (B5); and Solo Tuning Sets: A-E-B-F#