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Unprecedented Value in a Double Bass for Discerning Musicians such as Stanley Clarke, Carlitos del Puerto, Christian McBride, Ron Carter, and many more…. Please click thru to learn much more about how we designed this sought-after bass, how it sounds, and its many great uses.





“Liberty Belle” is a most satisfying model of collaboration between professional musicians, teachers, and Lemur Music’s decades of musical instrument design & production. Our objective was to capture a modern jazz sound and combine it with the friendly, welcoming feel of the Deep South. The design has been in production since 2009. “Liberty Belle” has survived dozens of world tours, proving that this design stands up to the rigors of professional use.


Lemur Music’s designers selected a flat back design to accelerate response, and to use our exclusive Advanced Structural Design (ASD)™ to entice the maximum fundamental participation of the back in the bass sound production. “Liberty Belle” is also constructed with a fully carved spruce top that greatly extends the mid-range and treble output which is so critical for modern jazz. ASD™ construction of the flat-back with a carved spruce top combines to generate a beautifully balanced tone never before available at this price.  ASD™ also ensures that the flat back is stable and won’t crack – a major problem with standard flat-back construction.


“Liberty Belle” feels great and will contribute to the creative flow of your music. The flat-back design allows “Libby” to lie closer to your body, making it easy to reach those expressive, emotional notes. And the neck is polished to a sensuous luster you’ll never get tired of. Trust Lemur’s extensive, detailed, customized setup to allow you to croon with the ease & volume you hear in your heart.

“Liberty Belle” sports beautifully flamed maple veneers on the back and sides plus a top-grade spruce soundboard, all finished in a cherry-chocolate varnish that is hand-applied and rubbed. We personally antique the solid brass tuning machines, then fit an excellent European bridge, ebony tailpiece, and Onyx adjustable height ebony endpin making her the Queen of Upright Bass.


Lemur Music’s new “Liberty Belle” upright bass has been carefully designed and tested to meet the most stringent professional standards at a price you can afford. Call us to discuss your personal setup today!

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Photo and Setup Considerations

It is our intention to setup each instrument according to the wishes of the buyer. We offer a wide range of string choices and we customize for action height, bridge adjusters, and other features. Because each instrument is made of wood and finished by hand, the wood color, finish, grain, knots and other characteristics can vary from the picture. In order to achieve the best fit, parts selected for each bass may also vary. We use high quality, durable parts on all our bass setups – however the exact style, ornamentation, and appearance may vary. For example, the exact style, ornamentation, and appearance of tuning machines may vary from the picture. The same is true for the bridge, tailpiece and soundpost. Thank you for your flexibility.

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