Doris Gazda, High Technique for Strings



Technical Studies and Solo Literature for String Orchestra and Individual Study, By Doris Gazda. (Carl Fisher Edition)
A Special Note to Students
About Doris Gazda
I. First Position: Fingering patterns, left-hand pizzicato, basic bowing
II. Intervals: Explanation of intervals and scales, melodic intervals
III. Harmonics and Shifting: Shifting from first through seventh position; shifting, etudes
IV. Second Position: Shifting, etudes, double stops
V. Third Position: Shifting, etudes, enharmonic tones, chords, martele, detache, and spiccato bowing
VI. Fourth Position: Shifting, etudes
VII. Fifth Position: Shifting, etudes, sixths, grace notes, flying staccato
VIII. Bowing Styles and Techniques: Changing strings, detache, trmolo, slurs, martele, slurred staccato, spiccato, sautille, flying staccato, loure, articulated detache, ricochet, flautando, ponticella, col lengo, “hooked” bowings.
IX. Vibrato: techniques, exercises
X. Rhythm
XI. Chromatics and Ornaments: Grace notes, turns, trills
XII. Solo Literature
Manuscript Paper