Coolman The Bottom Line



The ULTIMATE bass line book. Contains 23 chapters on bass line construction and other areas such as sound production, practicing, special” effects, blues/rhythm, slow/fast tempos and time/feel. Review exercises included for each chapter.
Basic Nomenclature
Sound Production
Fundamentals of Bass Line Construction
How to Practice
Scalar Bass Lines
Thirds, Sevenths, and Other Intervals
Chordal Bass Line Construction
Playing the “Sound”
“Two Beat” Style
Time Rhythm and Metronome
Rhythmic Articulation and Forward Motion Drops
Pull Offs, Hammer Ons, and Other Effects
The Half Diminished, Diminished, and Altered Dominant Chord Sounds
Blues and Rhythm Changes
Cycles II-V and II-V-I exercises
Modal Bass Line Construction
Latin Bass Line Construction
Walking and Broken Time in 3/4
Fast Tempos and Ballads
Playing in the Rhythm Section
Summary: The Ultimate Base Line