Wiedoeft Bass Rosin



Wiedoeft™ Bass Rosin is exactingly formulated with the finest components. It goes through several rounds of testing and strict quality-controlled processes to insure the finest quality. It is a medium-soft bass rosin – harder than Pop’s and softer than the Swedish rosins.  More like Kolstein All Weather, but with a finer texture and easier glide onto the hair.

The rosin comes in a player friendly roll-down design that maintains the rosin’s shape and quality throughout different climates around the world. This bass rosin is unique – you’ll notice the difference immediately, in how it feels on the bow and how it plays on the instrument.

The rosin comes in a unique soft rubber, square package – making it optimal for string instrument players. The packaging keeps the bass rosin ready to go, helps prevent any kind of melting. When not in use, the rosin slides into a container helping to further protect the outer layer.

Wiedoeft™ Bass Rosin has the feature of longevity in shelf-life; that is, it is not affected by drying out and crystallizing. Once used, the rosin will show a continual wetting action allowing for easy application to the hair of the bow, and minimal powdering on the strings and instrument.