Selected Romantic Symphonies



Composer: Berlioz, H., Borodine, A., Dvorak, A., Franck, C., Kalinnikow, B.,
Rachmaninow, S., Rimsky-Korsakow, N., Sibelius, J.
Editor/Arranger: Zimmermann, O.
Title: THE COMPLETE BASS PARTS of Selected Romantic Symphonies
Concert Key: Various
Tuning: Orchestra
Difficulty: N/A
Other: Complete bass parts, not excerpted, from the works listed below. 144 pages.
Berlioz, H. – Fantastic Symphony
Borodine, A. – Symphony No. 2
Dvorak, A. – Symphony No. 8 (in G major)
Dvorak, A. – Symphony No. 9 (from the New World)
Franck, C. – Symphony (in D minor)
Kalinnikow, B. – Symphony No. 1
Rachmaninow, S. – Symphony No. 2
Rimsky-Korsakow, N. – Scheherazade
Sibelius, J. – Symphony No. 1
Sibelius, J. – Symphony No. 2