Don Hermanns – Accompanied Rudiments Course Book & 6 CDs


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Don Hermanns’ Accompanied Rudiments Course has been the “go to” ear training, intonation skills building course for more than 15 years. This Course Develops Intonation Skills in all 12 Keys and all related Minors. Includes Scales & Arpeggios, accurate timing, and a true pitch piano accompaniement. Contains the Book and 6 CD’s. Beginners will appreciate working on shifting, rhythm, and reading skills. Intermediate players will appreciate building skills that truly help ensemble play.

  • Develops a familiar and comfortable relationship in working with piano accompaniment;
  • Strongly improves the player’s listening skills especially when you need to work without a tuner;
  • Improves ensemble skills by developing your own intonation skills;
  • Develops rhythmic discipline;
  • Applies ear training exercises directly to the instrument;
  • Makes practicing scales and intervals much more interesting;
  • Develops careful tuning of the instrument.
  • Good for all bass clef instruments: bass, bassoon, tuba, & trombone.

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