D’Addario Zyex Bass Medium Tension String Set


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Zyex core provides excellent pitch stability, fast break-in time, and gut-like tone combined with power and clarity for both pizzicato and bowing. Outstanding tonal profile for pizzicato attacks and sustain, superb bowing response.

First string G – Zyex/Titanium wound
Second string D – Zyex/Stainless steel wound
Third string A – Zyex/Titanium wound
Fourth string E – Zyex/Titanium wound

Silk Color: Orange background with Red Stripe

Tension 3/4 Medium
First string G = 61.0 lbs.
Second string D = 62.5 lbs.
Third string A = 64.5 lbs.
Fourth string E = 66.0 lbs