A2150 – ONYX BASS WHEEL 10mm


ETA-  Dec. 2022

A2150 – ONYX BASS WHEEL 10mm


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ETA-  Dec.  5th 2022 – A2150 – ONYX BASS WHEEL 10mm

ONYX Double Bass Wheel is fabricated from all stainless steel and polished to a beautiful, long-lasting shine. The 6″ tire is made from resilient foam rubber with a tough outer skin designed to cushion the ride of your bass – and it will not leak.  Weight 1.2 lbs.   Made exclusively in the USA for Lemur Music by ONYX Musical Products.

The Bass Wheel Shank fits into the endpin-rod socket when you have removed the adjustable height rod.   Available in 6 sizes to fit most endpin rods.  To measure your endpin socket:  Lay the bass on its side, remove the endpin rod, measure the diameter of the socket with a metal ruler or tape.

Available Sizes:  ** Onyx bass wheel are on backorder. 

·        A2454–  8mm or 5/16”.  It’s about the same size as a yellow #2 pencil. 

·        A2454–  10mm or 3/8”.  Works perfectly with the ONYX or Goetz 10mm endpin. 

·        A2454–  12mm.  Fits the medium sized Chinese endpins. – OUT OF STOCK

·        A2454– ½”. Measure carefully – ½” is smaller than 5/8”  

·        A2454– 5/8.”  The 5/8″ size is slightly larger than ½” and fits hollow rod tube endpins. 

·        A1155– 9/16″. Fits the large Chinese endpins.  It’s larger than ½”.

Also Available:

·        Replacement Tire:  Your tire will last for years before it starts to show wear.  Ice and Snow conditions will degrade your tire faster.  If your tire becomes worn on one side more than the other, take the tire off and rotate to the other side.  We encourage you to repair and reuse. However… when you need a new tire, we have them in stock.

·        Replacement Shank:  The ONYX engraved caster frame & tire is universal to fit all 6 sizes ONYX Wheels.  If you have more than one bass with different size (diameter) endpin rods, you can interchange a different size “shank” with the same caster frame and tire.  Replacement shanks bolt into the caster frame with household tools, so you can change your wheel “size” easily and economically.