Yoan Goilav The Double Bass



In his book, “The Double Bass,” Yoan Goilav deals with the education of a musician. He proposes solutions to extend the traditional limits of the classical double bass and also suggests solutions to different performance problems.

It deals with the related questions of physical movements, for example, the intimate interaction of the two hands the attention paid by listening to the results, etc. The goal here is to achieve a parallel development of musicianship and performance technique, whether it concerns problems encountered in individual practice, teaching or in preparation for public performance be it as a soloist or orchestra musician.

Born in Rumania, Yoan Goilav is a disciple of Joseph Prunner, the celebrated master of the Viennese School of the Double Bass. Goilav, instrumentalist of a brilliant technique and superb musicianship, consecrates in this book his great talent and exceptional knowledge to promote the Double Bass. This work demonstrates his competence and the insight obtained in a career spanning more than forty years as performer, soloist with orchestra, judge in international competitions, as well as a successful teacher.