Traeger Setup & Repair of the DB


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by Chuck Traeger with David Brownell and William Merchant, First Edition.

Author Chuck Traeger is an artist bassist and expert repairer who operated a top professional bass shop in New York City for many years. David Brownell is an expert repairer, bassist, and long-time editor of the Michigan Violinmakers Association Journal. Bill Merchant is a bassist and repairer in NYC who apprenticed with Chuck a long time ago. He provided the photos throughout the book.

This big new book is the bible for the bass – information that you will not find anywhere else! Most is special to the bass, like details of C-extension construction, but some, like neck grafts, making purfling, and fitting patches apply to other instruments too. It’s for the player who wants more and better sound, and for the maker and repairman who will provide it. Detailed, clear, correct and efficient techniques for practically any repair. Thoroughly illustrated, 375 pages. How to increase the quantity and quality of sound in any bass while making it easier to play.