SLA023-Vance Vade Mecum



SLA023 Vance Vade Mecum for the Double Bass

Vade Mecum suggests a handbook or manual carried about by a person for constant use or reference. Here are scales, arpeggios, and bowing variations used to prepare students for NEW TECHNIQUE DB VOL 3 BY F. RABBATH.

1. Exercises for the Left Hand Alone.
2. One Octave Scales.
3. Exercises on the Pivot Movement.
4. Two Octave Scales.
5. Scale Cycle.
6. Position Survey.
7. The Melodic Minor Scale.
8. Exercises for the Left Hand.
9. Chromatic Scales and Studies.
10. Arpeggios.
Dominant Seventh.
Minor and Diminished Sevenths.
The Augmented Triad
Arpeggio Cycle
11. Survey of Two Octave Scales
12. Exercises for learning the curvature of the bridge
13. Sixth Position Harmonics
14. Study of String Crossing.
15. Bowing Variations for Two Octave Scales

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