Violin and Cello requests: Many bass customers ask us for a violin or cello for a family member, and teachers who use our Lemur Sunrise Basses frequently ask us to provide violins and cellos for a larger order. Our current string and instrument makers can easily supply the same high quality products for higher strings and cello. Be assured, we take the same meticulous care in setting up violins and cellos as we do setting up our basses. We carry ½ and 4/4 size violins ranging in price from $175 to $450. We stock moderately-priced cellos for student needs with a price range of $600 to $2000. Please call for pricing and availability.

Violin Strings and Bows have been added to Lemur’s catalog in the two most popular sizes, one-half and full size in two brands, Thomastik Dominant and D’Addario Prelude. Violin bows are also now available in both Brazilwood and Pernambuco. Please check the listings shown below.

Cello Strings and Bows are also back in the Lemur catalog. We have more sizes and brands to choose from in the cello strings, and a wonderful Brazilwood student model bow for cello. Lemur will continue to add violin and cello parts, accessories, and music as demand increases.