Pollmnn VERONA Bass Gamba with Ornaments 1976




E.M. Pöllmann Bass Verona Model Gamba Form 3/4 size
Labeled 657 Anno 1976. Handmade in Mittenwald, Germany

Ornamental carving back, front, and ribs.

The original light amber varnished has aged to a lovely, dark golden amber. In the shadow it appears a bit reddish.

This bass is in excellent health, no major repairs. Edges are clean for the most part, varnish is intact with only a few small dents and dings, as would be expected with a 40+ year old bass. Highly flamed maple back and sides, typical Pollmann scraped spruce top reveals the “years” nicely. Machines are older nickel chrome in good working condition.

This bass has the sloped shoulders typical of Verona Model. It would be a very easy playing bass for a smaller player, who might want a more compact Pollmann bass. The sound is big and clear due to the generously vaulted top and back, and standard Pollmann 9.25″ lower bout ribs.