Spirocore Red Mitchell 5ths Tuning Bass String Set (A,D,G,C)


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Spirocore RED MITCHELL 5ths Tuning Set Tunes to A-D-G-C

Fits basses 3/4 to 4/4 size, approximately 41.5″ to 43.5″ tuning length

Spirocore Bass Strings In Fifths Tuning (A-D-G-C)

In this tuning, the double bass is tuned like a cello but an octave lower (A-D-G-C.) Fifths tuning was once a very common double bass tuning but has been supplanted by standard tuning in fourths. However, Fifths tuning has been re-adopted by a handful of bassists, most notably (the late) Red Mitchell who lends his name to this particular Spirocore sets. Other players who tune in 5ths include Joel Quarrington, Dennis Masuzzo, Silvio Dalla Torre, Paul Unger, and Larry Holloway. 5ths tuning is definitely gaining in popularity.

The advantages of fifths tuning seem to be:

  • The bass achieves better intonation with the rest of the string section due to the uniform tuning with upper strings and cello.
  • It’s a very good method of reaching a low C, without an extension or a fifth string.
  • Jazz players find it easier to reach the major tenth which can be played easily without a position shift.
  • Increased resonance, volume and quality of sound.
  • The strings have more common overtones, causing the strings to vibrate sympathetically.

For years we had to mix-n-match from a variety of manufacturers to make good 5ths Tuning Bass Sets. Now we have the Spirocore Red Mitchell 5ths Tuning Set in both Medium and Weich Gauges. Yipes! Choosing bass strings is getting easier, thanks to Thomastik-Infeld.

This is the RED MITCHELL Weich set, Tuning in FIFTHS
A (first string)
D (second string)
G (thirst string)
C (fourth string)