AB175F1/4-Bass Bow Lemur Music BRAZILWOOD French Model 1/4 size


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AB 175 F Sunrise Wooden French Style Double Bass Bow
Model: French
Maker: Made for Lemur Music
Mark: None
Stick: Round brazilwood, with a large, well defined head.
Frog: Ebony with fully lined abalone slide and double eye, divided barrel button with abalone end dot.
Mounting: Black and silver silk thread winding under clear cover, with leather grip.

Comment: These are an excellent value. Made in China to Lemur’s exacting specifications.

Available in Fractional Sizes:
1/8 size, 1/4 size, 1/2 size, 4/4 size.
Note: 3/4 size and 4/4 size are so close we have chosen the 4/4 size as our “standard size” for these Brazilwood Bass Bows.

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