Bass Strings made for Upright Double Bass

Bass Strings in stock, ready to ship – that’s Lemur Music’s long-standing commitment to your Bass Gig. Lemur Music stocks every string listed – no matter how unusual. We are committed to providing the widest selection and lowest prices. Choose among gauges (tension) as well as long fourth strings, solo tuning sets, fifth strings B/C, and high C for solo work. Many string makers now make their most popular sets in Fractional Sizes. In addition, our turnover assures fresh stock, especially important for gut strings.

Bass Orchestra tuning strings are meant to be tuned G-D-A-E. They come in the greatest variety of gauges, extensions, tuning, etc. Heavier-gauge bass strings have more tension when tuned, and are likely to produce more volume, especially in fundamental frequencies.

Bass Solo tuning strings are meant to be tuned A-E-B-F#, a full step higher than orchestra tuning. They are the thinnest-gauge bass strings. Most solo tuning sets can be tuned down to G-D-A-E for a low-tension feel. But, do keep in mind that less mass on the thinner strings translates to lower overall volume.

Sets which tune in 5ths sound at A-D-G-C. Spirocore Red Mitchell and Obligato are both “boxed sets” tuned in 5ths. It’s possible you will need to mix-and-match a set for yourself. Of course, we are happy to help you select compatible strings for your unique bass tuning.

All instrument strings have some type of core to hold the tension. Often, additional layers are added to build up size and mass, as well as to control tonal and playing characteristics.

Bass Strings for Arco have more damping in the formula to darken the tone and reduce the scratchy sound that can occur as a note begins. Almost all modern strings are wound with a smooth outer wrap.

Bass Strings for Jazz Pizzicato have less damping in the formula to give longer sustain, brighter tone, and a clear pitch center on the low notes.

Bass Strings for Slap-Style Play need lower tension for higher action. This allows the fingertips of the plucking hand to easily get under the string and pull it upwards.

Bass Strings tend to be specialized. A good jazz string is not likely to make a good arco sound on the same bass. So, it is important to select a string that is appropriate for the type of use, as well as the instrument, in the order to get the best performance.

Remember, strings are not returnable once installed. Customers who wish to experiment with new sets should try individual strings one at a time. Strings purchased as singles may be returned if not installed. Some sets (e.g. Velvet) are only packaged as sets. If you need a single string, please call Customer Service. We are on the phones five days a week to help with your selection. Please Call 1‑949-503-1867.